archive avantgarde

2017, 1 month
Dresden, Germany
Diener & Diener Archiekten

Egidio Marzona, German-Italian galerist, has given part of his large collection of Avant-garde collection to the city of Dresden. The Blockhaus, an identity building of Dresden, will host the collection. The main goal is to create a place in which citizens and researchers can freely exhibit and deep in documents. A democratic machine. At the ground level the Exhibition platform is projected as a flexible space in which a grid of concrete pillars, the witness of the original structure, creates a table where the archive sits. The Archive, in the middle, gathered all objects without any support or beams.

The furniture is flexible with roll shelves drive on a dust-free cast floor. On top of the Archive, the Reading room and the Research area are placed in-between a wooden structure from which hangs a platform. The old middle courtyard is now converted into an open amphitheatre. The elevator, a moving platform and part of the machine, becomes a main element of the project. Its vertical enfilade guides visitors to the research platform through the archive. At the garden level, a large portal leads the visitor into Sala Terrena, where the vertical enfilade starts. The rest of the garden is dominated by landscape elements: a moss wall covers the Augustus bridge, as a reminder of the fountains on the street Neustädtermarkt. On the other side a series of geometrically trimmed trees allows visitors to pass through the parterre without affecting the action on it.