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In almost every city the apparent disappearance of activity during the night is a surprising phenomenon. New York, the exception that confirms the norm, can be overwhelming by 24/7 activity; Basel surprises me by the contrast between day and night. 

Day-time citizens’ dependence on night-time citizens is rarely recognized. Night work takes place in silence, in the shade of sun and daytime activity. Despite being completely synchronised, the crossover between these two worlds is minimal. They are independent, however they depend on each other.

Another contrast between night and day are the perceptions of senses.The night is dark, silent, shy. Many of the smells are born from the hand of nocturnal production and disappear without any trace.

Smells are incredibly subjective: each person perceives, lives, interprets and remembers them differently. They are characterized for being invisible and for not being easily associated with an object, except for the memory. They carry with them the definition of a space, a moment, an instant. Smells describe the nocturnal activity: an invisible instant that disappears. But how can this dark night full of activity be visible?

Night life 01 - Bakery - 2021
‘Quand les pains chantent, ils sont bons’

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