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Stockholm. Sunny day, or at least since now. We have been walking all day and we are exhausted.

After visiting the old city, we decide that we deserve to take the tram for only two stops. Indeed, it’s not very coherent, but our bodies don’t respond any more. Hopefully we remember we have bought two chocolate bars, and in fact, in this country all the shelves of the supermarkets are full of sweets. Something new for me. This is one called Tarragona: chocolate with nuts. We buy it for the coincidence with the Catalan city: it’s fun.

Meanwhile, we rest eating our little snack, we contemplate all the harbour full of boats. Many of them are sailing boats, even if we have crossed a lot of ferries.

After few minutes, we decide to restart again the visit. The sky has suddenly been tinted with a dark grey, but we hope that it will hold still for a while.

Passing in front of the big amusement park we stay surprise with all the screams that we can distinguish on the wind that it’s starting to blow. We look up and three tall towers full of people going up and down shined in front of the dark sky.

A wonderful cosy evening sunlight suggests us to stop in a small bar to take a beer. The wind is heavier, and we feel the cold before the storm, but the sun has not yet left. We go inside the little wood house, and we realize is also a navigation shop.

All made with wood; a strong smell invades my nose. It’s like if I smell something that has always been with me, but so close that I can’t recognize it. I stop and try to smell it stronger.

I look around every object to detect the element that has provoked my feeling. All around me is wood, the wood use for boats.

And then it comes; and it can only be this one.

It’s not the wood used to burn in the fireplace, is not the wood of a new table, is the Wood of boats.

And there is only one place/house that has always smell Sea-Wood: Can Bacquelaine in Sa Riera.

We travel from Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean.

Nuria, my godmother and the best cook always surprising us with excellent and high quality traditional dishes, has grown up in a house by the sea.

The house could be Le Corbusier design: domino, fenetres alongées, toit verte.. but the domino has one special pillar.

The father of Nuria was a very special person. Very short, always wearing a grey Beret. Not talking much and doing always inventions. He loved to create and specially in the house of Sa Riera you could find thousands of little ‘amusement’ all around the house: perfect for a ten years old girl.

Coming back to the house, all the three floors are linked through a snail stairs that goes from up to down to the beach. And in the middle of the stairs a wood mast of 15 cm from a sailing boat.

You only see it when you are changing floor, but you always have it present. Always there. Thinking about it, it’s impressive how a wood mast can contaminate the entire ambience to the point of associating a smell with a space and characterized it.