competition 2016
Tortosa, Spain
team with Laura Sanchis

Since we are conscious of humanity, we are constantly creating measurement systems to delimit infinity. ‘Time’ unit, one of them, has always been subject of multiples thoughts. While Newton refused relativity of time and space, Leibniz talked about relativity of time in relation to objects: two concepts of time. The relative, the human consciousness of time; and the absolute, an immeasurable infinity continuum. To realize the intervention around ‘Time’, we have chosen the court of Reials Col·legis as one of the best examples of the Renaissance architecture in Catalonia: the Re-naissance of classic shapes in which the human is the centre of the world. The Vitruvian Man, done by Leonardo Da Vinci, a witness of the period, studies proportions of mankind through a human figure inside a circle and square.

Our project proposes an eccentric circle that distorts the symmetrical perception of the squared court. This circle, made of white sheets of human height, invades the void of the court wrapping some columns and symbolizing eternity, infinity, as well as a cycle. From the outside, the circle creates a convex space that repels and excludes the visitor, but when crossing the limit, the space becomes concave unifying the human with the sky and the Universe. The combination with the Renaissance court helps forget the museistic relation of contemplation and offers to the visitors a sensitive experience without temporary distance. The physical presence of the human in a space creates the relative time and makes the absolute view of the space and time unapproachable. Square and Circle; existing and new; permanent and ephemeral; hard and soft; absolute and relative: all linked in the same Time and Space.