white out

Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca
team with Laura Sanchis
Restlessnesses are lived individually, even if some of them are Universals. The humanity has tried to define and detect them. Infinity is one of them. The architecture is a discipline that insists on protecting the human of exterior conditions establishing constant limits between the restlessnesses and the endless space. The limits allow to reach what the human can’t do by itself: the infinite. White out is a meteorological phenomenon defined by the lost of all limits and horizons: no reference point in the space. A strong diffuse light erases all shadows making visible the darker objects on top of the white background.
This intervention offers to the visitors the possibility to experiment the restlessness of White Out: no limits, no horizon, an architectural space defined by limits.
When entering the chosen courtyard Can Bordils the visitors observe the full of the emptiness: a white solid has conquered the space. The floor, covered with salt, contributes to the uncertainty. As the visitors assist to the intervention, the salt will be distributed without control, the limits will disappear and once again, the infinity will be in the city. The patio looses also its limits through an opening that limits the unachievable: the sky. The restlessness appears with the lack of limits. Infinite produces on us anguish but also wakes up a desire to discover new horizons through limits; and this is nothing but architecture.