competition 2016
Gèneve, Switzerland
team with Alejandra Alonso, David Bravo,
Mercè Lorente, Laura Sanchis, Gina Surià 
second round, among the first 30 over 91

The discovery of the ruins Bastion Saint-Antoine in Geneva and the need to cover them is the starting point of this historical Project. The project ‘Plateau’ is located at the border of the old city, in a privilege spot higher than the new city. The preservation of the public space quality seems unavoidable. The most important decision of the project is to place the reduced program at the same level and with direct relation with the archaeologies founds. Two parallel ramps start at the level of the street and give access to the museum (down) and the ‘plateau’ (up).

The building emerges creating a flat walking roof where the public space continues to the infinite. To scape from the homogenous view of a square, two areas with different characters are created linked with steps that dynamism the public space. With the goal of reinforcing the historic condition a lower path along the perimeter of the Plateau is projected in order to recuperate the medieval walkway. From the beginning, the structure has been projected directly related to the ruins and the public space. The position of the ruins has a direct impact on the directionality of the structure: every change of structural direction limits an area of a different historic period. The light proposal also tries to give an answer either to the public space and the visiting experience through a light source in every beam. This allows the project to be active day, and night; from the inside and outside; from the city and the ruins.